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Invest so much time in finding the right keywords, creating the best ads, optimizing the campaigns to drive visitors to the website. But none of it matters if landing pages are not converting visitors into customers.

Here is a stat “Nearly one third of smartphone users will immediately switch to another if your doesn’t satisfy their needs? In fact 64% switch because there are too many steps or they can’t find the information they are looking for”. Source Google Blog

How the  “Landing Pages” Page in Google AdWords Will Help Us?

Google introduced the “Landing pages” earlier this year that shows us how the landing pages are performing. Google will be rolling it out over next few weeks in new AdWords experience.

On this new page you will see:

  • Which URL”S(Landing pages) are mobile friendly.

  • Which ones drive the most sales

  • Which one require work/attention?

  • Mobile friendly Click Rate

So go through this page and try to find out all the pages which get clicks but are not mobile friendly. Inform your webmaster get them fixed and convert your ad clicks into sales.

The important metrics on this page “Mobile-friendly Click Rate”

This metric will display percentage of mobile clicks on your ad that reach the mobile friendly page. This metrics helps determine which landing pages provide the most mobile friendly experience and the least mobile-friendly experience. Identify the landing pages that need work you may want to fix.

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